Content Writing How to Write an Instagram Bio In 6 easy Steps

how to write instagram bio

Are you trying to figure out the best things to write in your Instagram bio? How about making your Instagram bio stand out from the crowd? Instagram is a highly popular social media platform with millions of users. As a personal brand or a business brand, perfecting your Instagram bio is important to get more reach and followers. In this blog post, we discuss what to write on Instagram bio. Moreover, we will also discuss how to write an Instagram bio.

How to Write a Good Instagram Bio – Things to Include on Instagram Profile Page

What are some of the cool things to write on Instagram bio? How can you figure out the best things to write in an Instagram bio? The Instagram profile description character limit only gives you so much space to include as much information as possible. Thus, the best way to perfect your personal or Instagram business profile is to keep it short. Therefore, you should include only the most relevant and important information. Although putting a link in your Instagram bio along with an email is a common practice these days, the reality is that it is not enough. Here are some best tips on how to write an Instagram bio:

Optimize Your Instagram Name

While most users tend to use creative and quirky names, it is not useful in improving your profile’s searchability. If you want to get more followers, optimize your Instagram Display Name. Adding a top keyword next to your name enhances your profile’s searchability. It means that, if you are a business consultant, you can optimize your name as:

[Your Name] | “Business Consultant”

Once your Instagram Display Name is optimized, it is time to perfect your Instagram description.

Highlight Your Expertise and Audience

Simply adding your professionally relevant keyword in your profile name is not enough. Your profile shall clearly mention your expertise and what you bring to the table for your audience. Moreover, you shall also explain who your ideal audience or customer is. For example, a business consultant can highlight their experience and preferred audience in the following way:

“Experienced business consultant with 5 years of experience offering solid business advice to entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs.”

Another way to highlight your expertise is to use comma breaks:

“Business Consultant, Business Advice, Professional Business Help, Grow Your Business, Business Growth Hacks and Tips”

Write a Keyword Optimized Description

Before you create a description, you need to know How many characters are in an Instagram bio. Instagram lets you add up to 150 characters including spaces in your Instagram bio. Due to such limited space, you need to find a creative way to write a description. Create a smart, to-the-point and easy-to-understand profile description using top keywords. For example, if your business is about business consultancy, include keywords like “business consultant”, “business advice”, in your Instagram bio. Adding relevant keywords in your bio description helps in boosting your profile’s visibility.

See how WriteMe can help you write an impactful Instagram Bio Description:

Add a #BrandedHashtag in Your Instagram Bio

Branded Hashtags not only add more authority to your Instagram bio but also help you gain more followers. Social media followers love to show their advocacy for the brand they like. Add a branded hashtag in your Instagram bio. Thus, it will ensure that your profile can appear everytime in search results whenever a user taps on the hashtag. 

Include a Link to Generate Traffic and Leads

Another useful trend for Instagram users is to include a profile link to their Instagram profile. Since Instagram’s profile description has limited characters, a profile link comes in handy. Using a shortened link redirecting to more business links such as business website, business linkedIn profile, business pages and other platforms is a great way to get more traffic. Moreover, you can use a profile bio link to display your products, offers and even your business website services. It’s all up to you!

Add Your Contact Information

When you write an Instagram bio, never forget to add contact information. Include contact information such as your contact number, email address, physical location address or Google Location Link, business hours or any display center in your profile. Contact information helps you bring more leads directly in your touch.

Get Creative with Emojis

Since words can only tell so much about your business, especially if you are writing an Instagram bio, use emojis. Emojis are absolutely amazing in conveying more information in only a single character’s space. You can add emojis to represent your skills, personality, passion, country of origin, and much more!

Use Line Breaks to Improve Formatting

Splitting information into chunks of helpful phrases is the key to creating an impactful Instagram bio. Use link breaks and sentence breaks to split different sentences or words from one another. The line breaks improve your formatting as well help you in delivering your message accurately. Moreover, the line breaks reduce your profile description’s clutter.

How to Write Instagram Bio – Instagram Profile Page Checklist:

how to write an instagram bio

A good Instagram bio is impactful and creates a strong first impression. It convinces the visitors to click on the “follow” button on your account. Here is a checklist on how to write Instagram bio:


There are over 1.4 Million users as of 2022 on Instagram. It means that this social media platform offers your business a better potential for audience engagement. Creating an impactful Instagram profile description helps you in getting more followers. When you are learning how to write Instagram bio, remember the power of using Hashtags, emojis and symbols in your bio. [1]

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