Use Cases

Expand, condense or format your raw content ideas into readable content with a powerful AI Text editor.

Ads & Marketing

Create compelling social media ads and captions to grab your audience’s attention and sell your offering.

Write Google ad headlines, main descriptions and other ad text with different variations and keywords.

Create unique ad and caption ideas to speed up your copywriting process and attract more audience.

Craft an informational yet compelling product description to build audience interest and sell more.

Write an authoritative profile bio or about me snippet to accurately reflect your achievements and passion.

Write succinct notifications and short SMS text that gets your points across on any platform.

Arts & Media

Speed up your video creation process with unique new video creation ideas presented to you at every click.

Describe your video content to your audience in a short and interesting manner using AI.

Craft an engaging video channel description to build channel authority and engage your viewers.

Get interesting fiction or non-fiction story plots to master the art of storytelling for engaging your audience.

Let your creativity flow in the form of song lyrics written exclusively on any category using AI.

Write beautiful poetry and express your poetic side. Explore cool new ideas with our AI poetry generator.

Enhance, expand, shorten and edit the formatting of any text to polish it to perfection.


Get unique brand name ideas that resound with your audience as well as your offering.

Craft a compelling yet concise business idea pitch for investors, startup submissions or any other type of audience.

Get the latest business ideas according to your niche of interest and get to work!

Write an accurate job description for hiring candidates on any professional job role for your business.

Content Writing

Running short on blog ideas? Get unique blog post ideas for any niche/category and keep on writing!

Generate a unique and relevant blog post outline with specified sections, headings and subheadings to cover any topic.

Write an engaging blog post introduction to grab the attention of your audience from the very beginning.

Summarize your blog posts and offer your readers a final overview of your blogs with unique blog post conclusions.

Write engaging sections for blog posts to keep the attention of your audience firmly in place, throughout your article.

Compel your readers to take a desired action with unique Call to Actions designed for any format.

Incorporate science-backed AIDA Copywriting framework to create copy that converts well.

Incorporate science-backed PAS Copywriting framework to create copy that converts well. 

Offer your business or personal website a whole new look with fresh, new website copies that speak to your audience.


Use WriteMe AI Email generator to quickly write compelling email marketing messages for your next email marketing campaign.

Create the best email sequences to get the most ROI from your mailing list using our AI powered Email Sequence Generator.

Generate interview questions for applicants for any job role and make your interview process smooth.

Create unique question answer series for surveys, polls, and other forms of interactive content for your audience.

Polish your testimonials and reviews to build a better profile and gain better authority for your offering.

Write concise, courteous and on-point replies to reviews and messages received across all channels.

Generate unique taglines and headlines ideal for attracting the audience and getting your point across.q1


Complete your freelance gigs to attract more customers online to buy your freelance services.

Take the grunt work out of bidding using AI and stand out from your competitors and increase your chances of winning.

SEO & Metadata

Give your app or game a whole new identity by selecting a unique app name and establish your unique app identity on app stores.

Generate unique app short descriptions for apps on Android Play Store, App Store and Amazon Store.

Generate unique app long descriptions for apps on Android Play Store, App Store and Amazon Store.

Enhance the on-page SEO of your blog or website copies by writing SEO meta titles.

Enhance the on-page SEO of your blog or website copies by writing SEO meta descriptions.

Write long essays, stories and get assistance in dissertation. Features “Line Suggestions” function for Writer’s Block.

Automate blog writing with the “Complete Blog” which will generate content from Blog Ideas to Blog Conclusion, all in a few clicks.

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