Affiliate Marketing How to Monetize A Blog – 10 Unique Ways to Make Money From Blogging

monetize a blog

Bloggers often struggle to make the ends meet, especially when the blog is just starting. However, your desire to monetize a blog does not necessarily imply that you need to run online ads to make money. Infact, there are some great ways to monetize a blog with or without online ads. Learn all the cool ways to monetize a blog and make money from it in this article.

Sell ebooks to Monetize a Blog

If you want to build niche authority as well as make money on the side, selling ebooks on your blog is a great way to monetize a blog. Ebooks are a relatively easier and quicker way to monetize your blog using content only. Although fictional ebooks are popular among hardcore readers, non-fictional ebooks are high in demand as well. 

Make sure that your eBook is aligned with your blog themes and offers helpful, practical knowledge about the subject matter you are trying to cover. Selling eBooks that teach people a high-demanding skill is a great monetization strategy for your blog.

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You can explore the best blog sites for monetization and promoting your eBook to your target audience. Entice your potential customers with creative eBook covers, lots of cool testimonials and value add-ons. Another great strategy to get a good mailing list for your products or services promotion is to giveaway eBook guides in exchange for user emails. Alternatively, you can build a sales funnel comprising automated steps to sell your eBook on autopilot. Use content marketing and content repurposing to further promote your ebook and get more sales.

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Start a Coaching/Consulting Business

If you are a coach or running a consulting business, then the best way to make money blogging is to start offering your expertise online. Among the best ways on how to make money blogging, starting a coaching or consulting business are the best.

People online want a personalized learning experience as compared to a book or a course. You can offer customized coaching or personalized consultancy to a myriad of people. Most of the bloggers who are successful in selling online courses or ebooks tend to offer consulting services as a monetization strategy. 

If you are a business consultant, you can create an informative blog and begin collecting leads for selling services eventually. The best example of a coaching business is found from Neil Patel’s website. The renowned blogger has made its way to the coaching and consulting business through its personalized training resources.

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Create and Sell Online Courses

Online courses are different from ebooks and coaching in a way that they have a predefined syllabus and content. Thus, preparing online courses and selling them online is easier. If you have experience in a certain field or a good grasp of a subject, you can offer online courses to sell online on your blog.

As one of the best monetization strategies that require little to no effort, creating and selling online resources offers you a passive income stream. Contrary to the popular belief that you need expertise to sell online courses, the reality is that it is not the case. In fact, if you have a good understanding of something you like to do (videography, for instance), you can sell your videography course online. 

Additionally, you need to remember that you do not need to be a know-it-all. All you need to do is know more than your audience. Moreover, most online courses are created and sold from people who don’t own a degree or certification. All they have is a strong network of people and audience that trusts their word. e-Learning industry is expected to grow by $325 billion by 2025, so take your chance while you can. [1]

Affiliate marketing

If you want to monetize your blog without getting Google adsense, you can do that using affiliate marketing. It is a decade old method for monetizing your blog by advertising a seller’s products or services to potential buyers on your platform. Affiliate marketing does not require you to sit for hours and curate a course outline. In fact, it gets interesting and more fruitful as you grow your audience base. 

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When your blog is at the initial stage of gaining exposure, affiliate marketing can come in handy to make money from your blog. You need to find and sign up for a suitable affiliate program. Moreover, you can also find direct affiliate marketing partners. Additionally, you can create affiliate marketing streams in different niches. The only requirement is to develop content that aligns with your affiliate partner’s conversion goals.

For example, if your blog covers the DIY niche, you can create an affiliate marketing blog for a business offering DIY supplies online. 

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Online Advertisements

Whenever the question of how to monetize a wordpress blog arises, Google Adsense is the first thing that comes to mind. Pay Per Click ads are a great way to make money online from your blog only if your blog receives massive traffic, around 10,000 visitors per day. It means that blogs with lesser traffic may not find advertisements as a suitable way for blog monetization. However, you can use other ways on how to monetize a blog without ads in this article.

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monetize a blog

Email marketing to Monetize a Blog

While most bloggers take email marketing lightly, the truth is that it can prove to be a great strategy to monetize your blog. Email marketing allows you to target a list of potential customers and leads for selling products or services. If you are offering online services, email marketing can generate a great deal of leads for revenue generation. However, you need to have a good list of recipients for a successful email marketing campaign. You can create a mailing list by offering newsletter discounts or offers to your blog visitors. Once you have a list in hand, the next step is to devise an email marketing strategy and put it in action.

Email marketing offers you a way to get closer and personal with your audience. You can generate a great deal of income through email marketing of your products or services. You can also run email marketing for affiliate offers. 

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Offer a Paid Membership Plan

Paid subscription or membership plans are becoming popular owing to the rapid growth of the “Subscription Economy”. The 21st century buyer is more likely to pay small amounts over the period of time rather than spending a lump-sum. Netflix, web hosting services, membership sites, news websites, research websites and even popular blogs offer membership subscriptions.

These subscriptions allow you to generate a stream of income depending upon the number of monthly or annual subscriptions. Adding exclusive benefits with your subscription offer can boost your chances of getting more members on board. The exclusive offers can be curated based on common interests of the subscribers. Thus, you can offer exclusive access to articles, expert advice, detailed reports, exclusive offers, webinars, meetups and more with like minded people to your subscribers.

Moreover, apart from being a hub for selling subscriptions, the membership sites tend to form communities over time. Thus, they instill a sense of belonging and loyalty among the subscribers.

Sell digital products

Creating digital products is a great way to profit from your blog. You can effectively sell any type of digital information product on your blog as long as it’s in harmony with your content. You can build a webinar to market your product and deliver them through a member’s area or through other downloadable means.

Digital products can be a combination of videos, downloadable guides, resources, PDFs, software components, SaaS and others. Do your best to create something that helps fill a need or a void. Don’t second guess yourself, as you’d be surprised at just how much money you can make by selling digital products on your blog.

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Guestposting is another great example of monetizing your blog. If your blog is getting a good amount of traffic from a certain niche, you can open your website to entertain guest posts. For example, if your blog covers digital marketing information for new digital marketers, you can get guest posts from digital marketing agencies. For guest posting, your blog must have a good Domain Authority, excellent domain rating and a good overall website authority. You can make as low as $25 per guest post and as much as $500 per guest post according to the traffic and quality of your blog. [2]

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monetize a blog

How to Monetize a Blog – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do beginner bloggers make?

Beginner bloggers who successfully build a stream of traffic or subscribers over the course of 2 years can make good money. The annual income of such bloggers is upwards of $100,000 annually. It means that the beginner bloggers can make around $500-$2,000 per month. [3]

Final Word

If you want to monetize a blog, the best way is to choose automated passive income streams. Blog monetizations strategy shall align with your blog growth strategy and your audience. Moreover, make sure that your blog monetization meets the quality standards.

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