Content Marketing Google SEO Recommendations: What Google Loves the Most Nowadays


Are you wondering why your content is not getting much visitors these days? The recent Google helpful content update roll out brings some major changes for content creators and SEO Experts. Gone are the days when anyone would create content based on keywords and Google would rank it. Now, Google SEO recommendations are more about deploying the right on page SEO strategy AND creating helpful, authoritative content. No matter what type of niche you select, incorporating helpful and expertise-based content creation is essential. In this article, we discuss some of the top SEO On Page Optimization Techniques for your website. 

Top Google SEO Recommendations for Content Creators:

If you want to blow life to your declining website content, here are some top Google recommendations to include in your standard SEO practices:

Add Your Primary Keyword At the Beginning of Your Content

It is quite obvious that the best Google SEO recommendations include using keywords in your content. Most writers do consider using as many primary keywords as possible in the content. However, you may struggle to decide where exactly you shall use the keywords. Google likes to rank content in which the primary keyword is placed at the beginning of your content. 

Although it is recommended to spread out your keywords, adding primary keyword right in the beginning of your content should be your priority.

Now, adding primary keyword at the beginning is not limited to using it in the introduction. In fact, you shall add primary keyword at the beginning of meta tags, meta title, meta description and even in headings. 

For ecommerce store owners, optimizing the product images alt tags using primary keyword is also recommended. 

Here is a checklist of all those pages and places where you need to add primary keywords at the beginning of the content:

Write Unique, Helpful Content to Build Niche Authority

Incorporating new Google Sites SEO guide recommendations in your content can be a bit tricky. However, with some practice, following the best Google SEO tips becomes easier with time. If you are planning to create content on any topic, the goal is to ensure that content is unique and free from duplication. 

Avoid Content Duplication

Google recommends that you avoid writing duplicate or near duplicate content. Now, it does not mean that duplicate content is copy pasted content. Keep in mind that your content’s structure, flow, choice of words and presentation of information shall be unique from your competitors. There shall be no similarity. 

Self Assess Your Content for Quality

Google’s recent content update sets some new Google SEO rules for content creators.

Ranking on top of SERPs requires careful insight and rigorous reviews. As a content creator, you can be the best judge of your quality. Or you can ask an editor to review your content for quality standards. Google’s SEO recommendations share the following content quality benchmarks for creators:

Ask Expertise Based Questions

Expertise questions

Visual Presentation 

When it comes to content creation, the visual presentation matters just as much as the written information. Here are a few things Google SEO Recommendations for optimizing your content presentation:

Write for Your Readers, not for Search Engine

Another important thing to consider when writing content is to focus on your readers instead of search engine’s requirements. Naturally, this helps you value based content with high chances of ranking well on SERPs. Creating people first content is all about addressing people’s concerns and questions about a certain topic. Moreover, if you are writing content about a certain phenomenon, make sure that you share detailed steps in your content guides. Similarly, your ecommerce store’s product pages and landing pages shall touch all the benefits and ways in which your offering can help your buyers. 

Here are some things you need to consider to write reader-focused content:

See how WriteMe.Ai helps you automate content creation for improved content scaling:

Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed 

Did you know that slow loading websites increase bounce rate by upto 90%? Such a high statistic indicates that it is crucial to optimize your website’s loading speed. Similarly, your website’s UX plays an important role in enhancing the stickiness of reader on your website content. Google has explicitly recommended that content creators and SEO specialists work with website developers to improve the website loading speed. Moreover, you need to consider making your website pages are mobile-friendly. [1]

Here is how you can improve your website’s loading speed:

It is recommended that your website loads in the fraction of a second. The bounce rate goes up with every additional second that delays your website’s loading speed.


The Google SEO Recommendations serve as a compass for content creators to optimize their efforts for SERPs. Since Google is actively keeping a close eye on content creation efforts, it is high time to revise the quality standards.

[1] Consumer Insights – ThinkWithGoogle