Content Writing Ultimate Guide to Sales Emails Using AIDA for Better Conversions

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Sales emails are the part and parcel of any business marketing strategy. If you are not writing sales emails to your mailing list, chances are that you are losing a good chunk of your potential customers. In this blog post, we discuss the best ways to use AIDA for sales email marketing:

What is AIDA in Copywriting?

Best Practices for Sales Emails Copywriting Using AIDA

Here are some of the most effective sales emails writing tips using AIDA for email marketers:

Catch the Reader’s Attention Using Engaging Subject Lines – ATTENTION

Subject lines are the first thing your recipients will see when they get your email. Thus, you need to make sure that you write engaging lines which will grab the attention of your prospects. Question based headlines or headlines backed with factual data or pain points of prospects have a high open rate. However, you need to ensure that the length of your email’s subject line is appropriate for full display on mobile devices and desktop computers. 

Ditch the Generic Opening Lines & Keep It Personal – INTEREST

The next important thing to remember is that the opening of your sales email should be non-generic. If your subject line is compelling enough to grab the reader’s attention, the opening statement shall also be appealing. Thus, write non-generic opening statements for your sales emails. It is recommended to keep your opening lines as personal as possible. For example, if your target audience are writers, you can start the email by giving compliments on their writing skills. Including personal touch in your sales emails opening statements is a good idea to hook in their interest and lead them on to the following information. Remember that your prospects will be receiving tons of emails every day. Thus, you need to ensure that your email stands out from the crowd. Moreover, a catchy opening statement also grabs the interest of your audience.

Optimize the Email Body Length For Your Readers

Another common mistake most email marketers make is to disregard the length of email. Email is a form of communication, so it should be simple and easy to understand. The minimum length recommended for sales emails is around 50 to 125 words. However, the most recent survey also suggests that the appropriate sales emails length should be around 300 words. Since emails are a type of short form content writing, keeping the body short and succinct is the way to success. However, another thing to consider is your target audience. If your email is targeted towards a busy business executive, short emails are good enough. However, you may need to create longer emails for a SaaS based purchase or a B2C offer.

Avoid Tooting Your Own Horn and Focus on Audience First – DESIRE

Hardly any of your email recipients wants to know how much your company has achieved over the years. People are more interested in what benefits them rather than what you have achieved. Thus, adopt a problem-solving approach when writing sales emails. For the sake of getting deeper into your target audience’s interests, explore the social media profiles of your target audience if possible. Moreover, you can also do social media surveys to get to know your audience better. Ask Q&As to gauge what they like or dislike about a particular topic. Then, based on the data you collect, tailor the content of your sales emails. Discuss how your offering addresses particular pain points or transforms the lifestyle of your audience.

This particular step of the sales emails writing process will stir the desire of your email recipients to buy and try your offering.

Add a Catchy Call to Action and Next Steps Instructions – ACTION

In the final phase of writing your sales emails, you need to offer clear instructions on what next steps your reader shall take. Instead of burdening your reader with all the guesswork, add a clear call to action. For example, you can ask them to try your free demo and see how the offer works for them. Moreover, you can also ask for their free time to book a call for a live demo or Q/A Session. Avoid asking close-ended questions like “Do you like this?”. Instead, ask open-ended questions like “What time works the best for you to have a call?”. These details may look simple but once incorporated correctly, they can truly transform the conversion rate of your sales emails.

Plan and Stick to Your Email Dispatch Schedule

Email send times vary from industry to industry and audience to audience. If you are targeting a business niche, you might want to send emails during early working hours on working days. If you are targeting stay-at-home working buyers, you might want to send emails during off-working hours. Similarly, if you want to target salaried employees, you might want to send emails on weekends. Another example is that food businesses usually send offers on weekends as people are more likely to order food on weekends. Keep your audience’s lifestyle, routine and personal interests in mind while deciding on a sales emails send schedule.

Be Persistent And Send Valuable Follow-Up Emails

Persistence is perhaps the most important rule in sales emails marketing. Sending a follow up email to your mailing list not only nurtures the sales prospects but also builds better business reputation. In certain cases, follow up emails have been found to boost the email response rate from 1% to 2.6%. Thus, follow up emails are a necessary element of your sales emails strategy. However, remember to personalize your follow up emails as there is hardly any one-size fits all strategy for this step of the process. For example, if your prospect wants to know more about the offer, the follow up email should discuss your offers and perks. If the prospect wishes to discontinue receiving emails from you, you may ask for their reason for doing so and oblige accordingly. [1]

Here is a Sales Emails Free AIDA Template with Example 

Target audience: Content Writers

Pain Points: Slow Writing Speed, Loads of Work, Limited Time, Average Language Skills

Solution/Offer: AI Based Content Writing Assistant

Here is what the content of the sales email for the above-mentioned category will look like: 

Subject: {First_Name}, Did you know you could write more in less time? (ATTENTION)


{Opening address}

Based on the recent boom in digital content marketing, there is a big challenge for content writers to handle multiple projects simultaneously. (INTEREST)

Thus, writers need as much writing assistance as they can get today.

You can enhance your writing performance and create content 10X faster using an AI Writing assistant. (DESIRE)

Want to know more about how AI writing assistants are the need of the hour for the writing industry? Check out this page.(ACTION)

Thanks in advance.

{Closing address}

sales emails template

See How an AI Writing Assistant Helps you Write Better Sales Emails using AIDA

Interested in saving time on sales email writing and focusing more on bringing value to your recipients? Try our AI sales emails writing assistant to create emails for every stage of your email marketing campaign. 

Here is an overview of how WriteMe.Ai creates AIDA based sales emails for you:

sales emails writing using AIDA


Creating sales emails for boosting conversions involves the right strategy and skills. If you are struggling with getting sales emails conversions, try incorporating the AIDA copywriting in your email content writing strategy. 

[1] Cold Emails Strategies – Entrepreneur